Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Flatter World - Our Flat Stanley Adventures

Sometimes, deciding what to do for school is easy and sometimes, it is not.  Other times, it is quite inspired!  I had heard of Flat Stanley when my older ones were younger, but never really thought to turn it into a learning opportunity.  I had also heard of others sending off Flat Stanleys that they had created to other children. 

This year, I since I had decided that I would study Geography with my second grader, Daniel and his sister, Sophia, who is only in preschool, I thought that Flat Stanley could help us with learning about the different continents and the people who lived there. 

The hardest thing is to find others to exchange Flat Stanleys with.  Then, I found the website:  www.flatstanley.com.  This website matches up those who wish to exchange Flat Stanleys.  So, far, we have sent off one to Australia, one to Taiwan, and another to California.  Soon, one will travel to Brazil.  That marks off four of the seven continents, though we would love to exchange much more than that. 

So, that brings me to the purpose of the blog - - I thought that it would be great to mark the travels of our Flat Stanleys and those that we receive on this blog.  I also will be including the resources we use to study each continent - books, websites, DVD's and other resources. 

Hope you enjoy this blog!

In Christ,

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