Sunday, October 9, 2016

Visiting with our Flat Friends - La-la and Clarence!

I have finally uploaded the photos from some of the places we have taken our flat friends from California to visit. The pictures are loaded to our North America page.  We especially had fun visiting the Franciscan Monastery and the National Zoo with them in honor of Saint Francis' Feast Day. 
Daniel, Sophia, La-la, and Clarence pose for a picture with the Pope!
Okay - not the real Pope - but it was still fun!

It is so exciting to have so many friends coming to visit us for a while.  We are enjoying visiting places and collecting postcards to send back with our friends.  We have gone camping, to a science center, and down to Washington DC.  We cannot wait to see where we will go next!

God Bless,
Daniel, Sophia and Jennifer

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