Flat Stanley Books:
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The African Safari Discovery by Jeff Brown and Macky Pamintuan
The Great Egyptian Grave Robbery by Jeff Brown and Macky Pamintuan

Picture Books:

New Old Shoes by Charlotte Blessings
Honey . . . Honey . . . Lion! by Jan Brett
Mama Panya's Pancakes:  A Village Tale from Kenya by Mary and Rich Chamberlain
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Lila and the Secret of Rain by David Conway and Jude Daly
Not So Fast Songolo by Niki Daly
What's Cooking, Jamela? by Niki Daly
Don't Spill the Milk by Stephen Davies
I Lost My Tooth in Africa by Penda Diakite
On a Road in Africa by Kim Doner
The Leopard's Drum:  An Asante Tale from West Africa by Jessica Souhami
Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters:  An African Tale by John Steptoe

Nonfiction Books:
Eyewitness Book :  Africa by Yvonne Ayo
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by William Kamkwamba (This book comes in a picture book edition and a Junior Reader's Edition - both are very good.)
A Good Soup Attracts Chairs:  A First African Cookbook for American Kids by Fran Osseo-Asare
National Geographic Kids:  Safari by Gail Tuchman


3D Geography Website - Kenya
Homeschool Share - Africa

**Note:  All of these books and DVD's are what was available through my library.  I did not purchase any books.  I had to go out of my home system for the Flat Stanley books, but the rest were sitting on our shelves.

Our Flat Stanley hasn't made its way to Africa yet - I am still looking for a contact (hint . . . hint).  We have made our way through the picture books above and the movies.  We have looked at Kenya and Egypt since two of the Flat Stanley books have him visiting there. 

I also wrote the Embassy of Egypt and the Embassy of Kenya for information that we can use in our study of Africa.  Egypt sent a tourist brochure for Luxor and a map (not a road map).  Kenya sent us a print out of information about Kenya,  some common phrases in Swahili and recipes - - YUMMMMM!  Anyone who has done a geography day with me, knows I love to make cuisine from the countries we study.  Not sure if any of the kids will eat them, but I will give it a try.

The kids are enjoying getting mail!

God Bless, 

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