We've received a Flat Stanley friend from Bailey of Tyndale Christian School in Salisbury East, South Australia!  So far, our friend has visited Hagerstown City Park with us this past Sunday.

Our next trip out with our Flat Friend, was to the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal in Williamsport, Maryland.  The C&O Canal operated for about 100 years, taking coal, lumber and crops up and down the waterway.  The canal runs 184.5 miles along side the Potomac River.  To find more information on this National Park, you can visit the website here.  Here are some pictures from our trip there!  The
Daniel and Sophia with their Flat Friend.

This is a "lift" bridge that lifts a railroad line that crosses the canal so that the canal
boats could get through.  The railroad is no longer in use.
The Williamsport water tower.

Our Flat Friend Visits Our School Room

Today our Flat Friend visited with us while we did our school work.  Sophia was practicing lacing while Daniel was working on a lapbook project for science.

On September 11th, we headed for our hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  While there, we visited the Children's Museum and the Carnegie Science Center.  See if you can spot our flat friend!

This picture at the left is a view of Pittsburgh from the North Shore.  You can see the "Point" where three rivers,  the Monongahela, the Allegheny and the Ohio, meet.

At this site was Fort Duquesne, originally built by the French.  Later captured by the British and renamed Fort Pitt, there is a museum and a block house there today for tourists visiting this area.


These fish statues are in the parking area of the Children's Museum.  The Children's Museum is located in Pittsburgh's North Shore area inside the old post office and nearby planetarium.  When I was a kid, we would attend laser light shows at the planetarium, along with "star" shows.  It was always one of my favorite school field trips!

Here you can see Sophia and Daniel painting in the art room on the left.  On the right, Daniel is playing with a light table.

Sophia hiding in the tall grass!

While there, we also visited the Carnegie Science Center.  We attended a science program, called "Science in a Scoop."  We played on the water tables, explored robots, built with giant blocks and got to see a large train display.

Our flat friend from Australia will be leaving us soon to go back home.  We were very glad to have him visit us! 

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