South America

We had a Flat Friend visit us from Altibaia, Brazil - a small town that is near Sao Paulo.  We enjoyed our visit with our Flat Friend and have mailed him back with one of ours.  We haven't started to study South America yet, but had fun locating Brazil on our map.

Antietam National Battlefield

City Park, Hagerstown, Maryland

Washington County Free Library with Miss Ana, Hagerstown, Maryland
Our Flat Friend from Brazil had to go back - unfortunately, I forgot that things in the Southern Hemisphere are a little different than they are here.  The children go on an extended break in December through February, probably similar to our summer break here in June.  We were sorry to have to send him back so quickly, but hope to send another letter to the children in March.  I will be posting books and things when we get to study the continent of South America.

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